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An Experienced Event Planner: About Me

The Dreamer, Doer, and Creator

     Hey friend! I'm Lauren, the brains (and heart) behind Incorporate Joi, your go-to for dreamy celebrations in St. Louis, Missouri, and Dallas, Texas. My event planning journey kicked off in 2015, starting with intimate get-togethers for my closest friends and fam. Fast forward a bit, and now I'm your go-to girl for turning any event into a memory you'll cherish.

     Why event planning, you ask? Because, honestly, who can resist a good party? Certainly not me! I thrive on taking your ideas and turning them into something magical and uniquely you. And guess what? The Wedding Planner movie? Yup, it's been a lifelong favorite, and here I am, living the dream!

     When I'm not knee-deep in planning and celebrations, you'll find me cheering on my favorite sports teams and jet-setting to soak in different cultures. Let's not forget my furry sidekick, Kash, the Yorkie who rules my world with his adorable antics.

     So happy you're here! Can't wait to team up and create the celebration you've been dreaming of. Let's make some epic memories together!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat—it's always a good time for a new friend!


Owner Lauren Hollingsworth exudes warmth and charm, showcasing her radiant smile as her hair dances in the gentle breeze
Meet Lauren

About Incorporate Joi

     At Incorporate Joi, our mission is to design and deliver custom, luxurious events that embody the essence of elegance and personal touch. Every project is instilled with a sense of familial warmth and dedication, ensuring that each client feels not just catered to, but cherished. By weaving 'Joi' into every aspect of our work, we strive to turn every event into a celebration of happiness and bliss.

     The significance of 'Joi' in our identity is twofold: It represents the personal imprint of our founder, a symbol of the customized care and attention we devote to each client. Additionally, 'Joi' encapsulates our core goal - to infuse every occasion with a sense of joy, turning each event into an embodiment of happiness and celebration. Guided by our mantra of 'Orchestrating Elegance, One Detail at a Time', we dedicate ourselves to crafting experiences that are not only aesthetically breathtaking and flawlessly organized, but also deeply infused with personal touch and joy - the distinctive signatures of our brand.

     In our pursuit of excellence, we focus on maintaining a client-centric approach, treating each event as a unique opportunity to bring joy and memorable moments to our clients and their guests. This is the heart of Incorporate Joi: where every event is a personal journey, and every detail is pivotal in crafting moments of happiness.

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