About Us

   What’s Incorporate Joi all about? We design custom, detail-oriented event planning services for businesses and individuals in St Louis, MO. The company includes the name "Joi" for a number of reasons that are close to my heart. 

   Firstly, Joi is one of my middle names! It felt right to include the name because all of my event planning services have a personal touch. I always want my clients to feel like they’re part of the family, and maintaining a client-focused service as an event planner is very important to me. 

   Secondly, the word Joi has connotations of happiness and bliss, something that I strive to achieve for my clients with every event I plan. Whether it’s for your wedding, the most joyous occasion of your life, or a spectacular birthday party that you want all your friends to enjoy, Joi is always at the heart of everything we do.

Meet Lauren

Inspiring, Extraordinary, and Truly Unforgettable

   Hey friends! I’m Lauren, founder of Incorporate Joi, an event and wedding planning company based in St. Louis, Missouri, where I was born and raised. I started planning events in 2015, beginning with parties and baby showers for my close friends and family members. I loved it so much that I expanded my range of services over the next few years, and am now an event planner for all types of events from weddings to birthday parties, and corporate gatherings to baby showers!

   I began event planning because, well… who doesn’t love a good party? I know I do! I grew up loving parties and events of all kinds, in fact The Wedding Planner was always one of my favorite movies as a child! Never in a million years did I think I’d become a wedding and event planner.

   Outside of planning, I adore traveling! I love exploring the US, and other countries and cultures. I’m also a dog mom; I have a Yorkie named Kash who is spoiled beyond measure!